English essays!

Eseuri de pregatire pentru BAC
2. How would you describe your country or region and the people who live there?
Moldova is my country, my dream and my mather! Moldova a piece of land with wonderful people and clean heart, people who have met over the years a lot of hardships, but they have gone well.  The earth which kept me in your hands until I came into the world, the cradle when I heard the sweet song of the Romanian language, repeat until you have is bunch of grapes in that mirror places of great beauty, places that grow and in my soul and take you anywhere in the world: Old Orhei, Fortress Soroca natural pearls - the five reserves, calm and kindness of the people, traditions and customs that lets magic. This is Moldova! This is my country!
3.Speak about one of the holidays celebrated in Great Britain/Moldova/the USA in greater detail.
Easter is one of the most important holidays in Christianity.
Easter - celebration of life - the miracle of the Resurrection marks and acts of purification of Bright Week restore balance and harmony Christians. The object of Christian holidays is the living memory of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter, the celebration of light and joy, and so far has kept its charm and significance, being a time of peace of mind and family nearby. Special charm is given both to the religious, and the traditions and symbols of Easter: egg painting, bunny, Easter lunch with traditional food - cake, bread, lamb, and taking the job on Saturday night lights.

4.Do you think it is a dangerous thing to judge about a nation by existing stereotypes? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
Yes,  I think it is a dangerous think to judge about a nation by existing stereotypes, because stereotypes is a fixed idea that have people about people about someone or something, something wrong.  Many of this stereotypes say about people. For example not to judge the Chinese about their stereotypes : “ All Chinese look the same”. This thing not true, because everyone Chinese are unique in China. Others say it because Chinese nation resembles. Many says what: “All Arabs are terrorists” which says that all Arabs including children are terrorist  but this thing true. This stereotype formed because  a group of terrorist  done something wrong. As a conclusion must not judge about a nation by existing stereotypes.

5. Choose one of the characters you remember well from your favourite book(s). Describe him/her.
Book is a source of knowledge. Many of us read book because they search some interesting and discover new types of characters. My favorite characters is Goe of Caragiale work. Goe is portrayed by I.L. Caragiale as spoiled, rude, uneducated, lazy and a child who does not like teaching. That is used to being awarded the family, even when you do not deserve and receive all the command and unconditionally, shows that it is spoiled. It is very rude, conceited and think very clever. Therefore addressing offending mother and grandmother. He feels that it is smart to have thought of her as very smart and sensitive. Goe's qualities are evidenced by facts, by way of speaking, through relationships with other characters and by their opinion of him. Goe is the spoiled child always.
6. Can you name any place in Great Britain which is internationally known? What is it noted for?
Great Britain is one of the world’s most popular tourist destination. Great Britain is decorated with many different place which makes the country famous. One of the old and enigmatic place is a Stonehege, which is a prehistoric stone circle and is believed to have constructed around 3100 BC. No one knows exactly  what purpose it served, but it is thought to have been a centre a pagan worship. Other beautiful place is Tower Bridge  which is one of London’s most recognizable landmarks  and also one of the most famous bridges in the world. Great Britain has many interesting place: Big Ban, Eyewitness Traivel Guide, Chatsworth house which is one of the popular and visited place the world.

7. Different countries have reputation for being good at different sports. Think of some example.
Each country have reputation in different  types of sports. For example Brazil  has the best football players, in USA – basketball is one of the popular sports in country. For the NBA United States this game is a cult street black Americans. Many types of sports depend of climate and terrain . in countries with cold climates are better developed winter sports, for example hokey in Russia and Canada, but closer to equator – summer sports. For Americans is specifically: basketball, beisbol,, for Europe and Brazil is football  which have a very famous players in our world: Karim Benzema, C. Ronaldo, Ronaldihno. The Moldovan atlets are making significant progress at the global level, not at all typical sports such as, for example, the Greco-Roman wrestling.

8.Describe some things which are associated with the Scots.
The Scottish people, or Scots are a nation and ethnic group native to Scotland.  Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northen Ireland that each nation Scots differ from others. One of the interesting and fascinating thing about your culture is a men kilt (drees). This habit Scots have of the 16th century. Although the kilt was used only on holidays or sports, but over time it became fashionable for men, wear it every day. Another thing that only associate there is a bagpipes. He is a musical instrument used by their ancestors from certain parties. When you see a man with a kilt and a bagpipes in hand you know well who is involved.

9. Use your knowledge to present interesting facts about the British royal family
The British Royal family is a group of chose  of the Monarch of United Kingdom . Members of this family is a famous  and historical people in a Great Britain and in our world. The supreme governor  of the church of England is the Queen. Queen is a supreme governor of the Church, because  this thing is a old ritual, remained till nowadays . other interesting think about British Royal family Is a residence of the Queen Mother was Clarence House, which is situated in the city  of Westminster. Queen Elizabeth 2 is reigning queen and head of 16 sovering states , the figurehead of the Commonwealth of the Nations and the supremeGovernor of the Church of England.

10. What famous people of the USA are you impressed by? Prove your answer.
The USA is the place where you can find worldwide personalities. One of the famous people of the USA and all world is a Michael Jackson. He is a king a music and dance. Jackson is recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World Records. His contribution to music, dance, and fashion, along with a much-publicized personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades.  His music was and is the most known and appreciated. His distinctive musical sound and vocal style influenced numerous hip-hop, post-disco, contemporary RB, pop and rock artists. All his live he was a good example for others. In my opinion  Michael Jackson was and is a very popular in all world for all time.

11. Why do you think the English language is taught in many countries of the world?
The English language is one of the popular language in the world. This language is speaking in : USA, Great Britain, NewZeland and Pakistan. English is a West Germanic language spoken originally in England. Because England had many colonies around the world especially in Africa, thus many countries on this continent have official language English. Approximately 375 million people speak English  as their first language . English today  probably the third largest language  by numbers of native speakers after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. Most of the universities worldwide include English as one of their major subject, therefore we must learn English and therefore English language is taught in many countries of the world.

12. Every nation has its own customs and traditions. How can you explain why people keep up their traditions and practice them for centuries?
Every country and every nation has it’s own tradition and customs. It’s very important to known traditions and customs of different people. It will help you to know more about the history and life of different nation and countries. Every nations preserves tradition for centuries , because traditions for they is a think that connect with ancestors. Traditions and custom are a saint for each of us. For example every years in each family  for centuries is celebrated  Christmas day  which is one of the favorite tradition in all world. It is preferred because it has Santa Claus as a symbol, being loved by all children. In my opinion customs and tradition of nowadays will keep for centuries.

13. Think of some people who have excelled in the world of music, art and cinema. Write about one of them.
There many personality in the world, I would like speak about the Will Smith. Willard Christopher "Will" Smith, Jr.  also known by his stage name The Fresh Prince, is an American actor, producer, and rapper. He has enjoyed success in television, film and music. In April 2007, Newsweek called him the most powerful actor in Hollywood. Smith has been nominated  for four Golden Globe Awards. Fourteen of the nineteen fiction films he has acted in have accumulated worldwide gross earnings of over $100 million, and four took in over $500 million in global box office receipts. As of 2011, his films have grossed $5.7 billion in global box office.[4] His most financially successful films have been Bad Boys,  Independence Day, Men in Black, , I, Robot, I Am Legend, Hancock.

14. What are the main values of the European Union?
The European Union is an economic and political union or confederation of 27 member states which are located in primarily Europe. The European Union is founded for respect, certain values of respect for human dignity, equality, democracy, liberty. These values are valid for members of European Union. The member state of EU are characterized by pluralism, tolerance , justice, solidarity and non-discrimination. These values play an important role, in special for agreements signed, for example any European state wishing to become a member of the Union must respect these values in order to be considerate eligible for admission. If one state not respect the rules may lead to the suspension of that member state.

15. What are the major events of national and social importance which are traditionally celebrated in the USA?
Americans celebrate an enormous variety of festivals and holidays because they come from around the globe and practice many religions. They also celebrate holidays specific to the United States that commemorate historical events or encourage a common national memory. Most important celebration in the United State is Thanksgiving Day which has been celebrated in the USA on the fourth Thursday in November of Abraham Lincoln. Besides holidays in the USA is organized many festivals, for example in January Pasadena, California is celebrated Rose Parade. Since 1890, millions of spectators from around the world celebrate the New Year with the annual Rose Parade featuring the beautiful pageantry and tradition of magnificent floral floats. Besides they still celebrated each year: Christmas, Halloween, Columbus Day.

16. What changes in present-day school would you propose to make them more effective for educating pupils?
A school is an institution designed for the teaching of students (or "pupils") under the direction of teacher. Most countries have systems of formal education, which is commonly compulsory In these systems. Most affective change in educational system is to put 10 classes instead of 12, because it is so much to learn for a child. Other change would be to change the textbooks and simplify matters. These changes would improve the school situation, that students should learn to enjoy the material require. In Moldova would be worth learning a system that highly developed stats. After the class 4  student has to choose certain subjects fixed to continue studies. If in our schools would be an education system so them all will be satisfied.

17. What are the benefits of globalization for the average person?
Globalization is an economic an  cultural phenomenon. Globalization allows the average person to travel, own things manufactured overseas, foreign films and TV shows. Globalization has brought increasing living standards, increased PBI. Increase in life expectancy is a cause of globalization, which in the last century brought the world's population to a record number. Formation of new institutions that protect and respect people of all, improve standards of living and healthcare bringing them people more decent living.

18. Many British museums and galleries are real treasure houses of unique works of art. Which are the best known? What collections do they contain?
Great Britain has a wide network of museums, which are unique exhibits that contain them. One of the fascinating and knows museums in Great Britain is  the British Museum which contain many collections: Egyptian mummies, Roman coins, the Rosetta Stone and many interesting exhibits.  Other known museum is The National Gallery which is home to one of the worlds  greatest collections of Western European painting. Some of the gallery’s most famous exhibits include Turner’s the Fighting Temeraire and van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Best known museums are: The Museum of London, The National Portrait Gallery, London Transport Museum.

19. What components does culture consist of? Provide examples.
Culture is a powerful human tool for survival, but it is a fragile phenomenon. Our written languages , governments, buildings, and other man-made things are merely the products of culture. Culture consist of : values, language, myths, customs and rituals. Language is a important elements of culture, she refers to a system of symbols that have specific and arbitrary meaning in a given society. For we Romanian language  is a important element  of our cultures. Based on language is customs which is present in every country. Other component of culture is the cognitive component. It includes ideas, knowledge and belief, values and account. For everybody culture is different,  because  it is understood in different ways.

20. Name some environmental problems and give some solutions to them.
Today the Earth’s environment is in a difficult situation. Every of us depend of environment but every of us permanently pollute  the environment.  The biggest problem is air pollution which is need for everybody. Every day, the average person inhales about 20.000 liters of air. Air pollution can have serious consequences for the health of human beings, and also severely affects natural ecosystems. People may try to restrict population growth, use less energy, improve energy efficiency, reduce waste, and move to non-polluting renewable forms of energy production. In addition to air pollution are many problems: water pollution, smog, ozone depletion, hazardous waste and global warming.. each one is a big problem, but for each there are ways to remove.

21. Millions of people wish there were more peace and harmony in the world. How can they be achieved?

For many people peace and harmony in the world is a big dream. World peace is an ideal of freedom, pace, and happiness among and within all nations and people. Peace and harmony is problem number one for volunteers non-violence. Make a great effort and World Peace which help people by human rights, technology, education, engineering, medicine and an end to all forms of fighting. But the greatest power you have to have people, for which you would have to fight, to promote new relationship with others,  forming the global friendship. The international community should build a harmonious society featuring sustainable peace and common prosperity. How to say Nelson Mandela : “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World.

22.Write what democracy means to you.
Democracy is a system of governance characterized by citizen participation in the management process. For me, democracy means freedom to expression, free movement, right to care, education. Democracy means anyone can grow up to be president, and anyone who doesn't grow up can be vice president. Democracy is people of all races, colors, and creeds united by a single dream: to get rich and move to the suburbs away from people of all races, colors, and creeds. Democracy means any state can offer freedom of man. every opinion should be heard, then made ​​conclusions about what the person said. For me and many of us democracy is world which protects you from any violence.

23.Write about the national symbols of Moldova.
There are many symbols that represent the Moldova. Some of the most popular ones are the: flag, coat of arms. State flag of the Republic of Moldova is a tricolor (flag with three colors) blue (azure), light yellow, red. Blue symbolizes hope more residents of this realm. Yellow means wealth pirguit chain like people. Red reminds us of the blood shed for freedom. Emblem is a shield with bull head. Between his horns is a star with eight coltiri. In the left side of stag, if stem facing him is pink (sun) and the right - month (Magi-new). shield is placed in the chest eagle with a cross in its beak.

24. Write about national symbol of the USA.
There are many symbols that represent the United States of America. Some of the most popular ones are the Stars and Stripes (the US flag), the Great Seal of the USA, the bald eagle (our national bird), the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memory. The flag of the United Statesf eatures thirteen equal horizontal stripes of red (top and bottom) alternating with white; there is a blue rectangle in the upper hoist-side corner bearing 50 small, white, five-pointed stars arranged in nine offset horizontal rows of six stars (top and bottom) alternating with rows of five stars; the 50 stars represent the 50 states; the 13 stripes the 13 original colonies. The Bald Eagle was officially declared the National Emblem of the United States by the Second Continental Congress in 1782

25. How do change in society influence people’s culture? What can slow down or speed up cultural development?
A society is made ​​up of people who interact in the beliefs, values ​​and activities. Can not be cultured outside the company and there is no society without culture, no man can be considered as a social being, a member of society, a culture that does not belong. Any change in company culture influence on people. Changes that lead to good  influence positive on human culture and change so good  influences  negative. For speed up cultural development is needed cultural programs, popularizing subculture and intensifying foreign influences as some factors that raise the level of culture.

26. There are many impressive and valuable historical places in your country. Give interesting details about some you have visited.
Old Orhei (Romanian: Orheiul Vechi) is a historical and archaeological complex, located in Trebujeni, at 60 kilometres north-east of Chişinău, on the Răut River. The ancient city Old Orhei - a unique natural and historical complex in the open air. It organically combines the natural landscape and vestiges of ancient civilizations. As a result of enormous archeological excavations here there were discovered the cultural layers of different epochs such as - thePaleolithic, Eneolithic, and Iron Age. The culture of Geto-Dacians of Early and Late Middle Ages is represented by the rests of earthen and wooden fortresses of Geto-Dacian period and the traces of two medieval towns - Shehr al-Djedid town of the Golden Horde period and the Moldovan town Orhei.

27. Write about the national symbols of the UK.
The national symbols of England are flags, icons or cultural expressions that are emblematic, representative or otherwise characteristic of England orEnglish culture. As a rule, these national symbols are cultural icons that have emerged out of English folklore and tradition, meaning few have any official status. However, most if not all maintain recognition at a national or international level, and some, such as the Royal Arms of England, have been codified in heraldry, and are established, official and recognised symbols of England. Each country in Britain has its own patron saint and floral emblem: England is the rose, Scottish – bluebell, Wales-daffoidil, Northern Ireland- shamrock.

28. How do students in the USA and UK spend their free time?
U.S. and UK students spend their free time on extracurricular activities, sports and travel. Much of her time visiting places that have not seen, are always looking for new adventures and beautiful things. for them it would be a tradietie, always leaving her free time or vacation trips to see something new, something causes interest cups. Besides her travels in sport. For U.S. is specific  beisbolul and basketball, but for the UK – football.  In addition to her fun and spend more time learning and spend time in schools for extracurricular activities. Many students from USA and UK spend all day at school, being busy with things related to education.

2. The internet has forever changed the way we life.
Internet is the most fascinating thing of all time. Many years ago internet it was just a dream, but today internet is part of  our life. The Internet offers opportunities that I never had before. It's not just the possibility with people in any other place in the world. But easy access to an unbelievable amount of quality information and what's important in a convenient form. You can have access to information from the library any time before inaccessible, sitting comfortably in your home and dressed in pajamas when before I had to make effort to get them. Internet is good in terms of professional contact with people worldwide and the opportunity to exchange views at any time is a feature not available in pre-Internet era. The Internet is a gold mine but need to know to exploit. In conclusion Internet has changed the way towards a better life.

3. There os almost nothing in our lives that is not touched by language
Language belongs to each of us. Everyone uses words.  there is almost nothing in our lives that is not touched by language. We live in and by language. Language is obviously a vital tool. Not only is it a means of communicating thoughts and ideas, but it forges friendships, cultural ties, and economic relationships. Language, of course, is knowledge, and in our world today knowledge is one of the key factors in competitiveness. Brains and knowledge are what create the prosperity and growth we tend to take for granted.

4. Happiness is a value worth pursuing
Everyone wants to live in peace and  harmony and  to found the door from of happiness.

5. People are often affected by their success and fame.
Fame and success makes some people forget their friend are busy only with tasks. Success has a big impact in our life, because it gives up happiness and self confidence. I want to say that success and fame have negative and positive consequences. For different people success and fame act differently, for example too mach fame make people very busy and away from make people busy and away from loved ones, but success and fame bring money which for many is a source of happiness. Famous people work hard long hours every day and do their best for their fans. Also I think that famous people don’t have private lives , they don’t see their relatives and friends often. Be successful and to be famous it’s  a good thing, but fame  in many cases bring to deception. Yes fame and success make people happy, but you can lose personal life and friends.

6. The future role of technology in the world. Write about advantages and disadvantages
Today everything is based on technology. Without technology world would not interests, we can’t image ourselves technological advantages such as cars, computers and television, all technology is a big advantage for people, because life is more easy and comfortable. One of the important reasons for advantages technology  is they save a great deal of time and money. Robots and machines would take over your daily life chores. These robots will replace a dirty and hard work which is a big advantage for the world. As there so many advantage from highly developed technology, there also is a great deal of disadvantages from them. One  disadvantage is that as technology develops, robots and machines will take over many jobs and people  will lose their jobs. Robots and machines will replace people t the work it is good, but lack of exercise will lead to illness population. In conclusion I think what technology is a good for life not taking account the disadvantage.

7. Write the headline and a short story for something that has happened in your village
Recently in kindergarten and high school ceremony transmission of technological equipment and furniture offered to these institutions in environmental improvement projects funded food service program grants for human security projects "Kusanone" in Japan. At the ceremony attended by Minister of Agriculture, Basil Bumacov and Ambassador of Japan in Moldova based in Kiev, Tadashi Izawa. In his speech, Agriculture Minister thanked the guests of the Land of Rising Sun for support to farmers, rural residents, urged the children present at the ceremony to teach and to learn lessons as well, for that was specific to Minister "good knowledge accumulated over time, will help you become richer, thus we can help other people and we, as does Japan, which rose from the ruins after the war, due to solid knowledge gained, of diligence and the desire to escape poverty. " This is the most important event happened lately.

8.  We are using up the earth’s natural resource fasted than ever.
The world is gripped by the largest financial crisis ever. But the thing that is shocking the world at present is that the natural resource crisis is proving worse than the global financial crisis. We are using up the earth’s resources very fast; and as a result, we are heading for an ‘ecological credit crunch’. Pollution and more consumption of the natural resources are adding to this problem, because over consumption and pollution are growing faster then technology can support. If nothing changes, it is predicted that by 2030, mankind would need two planets to sustain its lifestyle. In recent years each people need of a good condition of live, but for this conditions is needed natural resource for: energy, food, clothing. Earth’s population increased very quickly, but resource were reduced. For this problem people think about a solution recovery and ration use, but is difficult for other. For electricity needs a big part of natural resource : natural gaze, petrol and coal. These resource are limited, every years the amount decreases. Besides their use much resources are polluated and can not be used.

9. A good reputation is more valuable that money
A good reputation make people  personality, but money is are resource for live. With personality people is appreciated true, with money people is appreciated false. Many of us think what : if I have money I will all success in the world but money in many cases  is underestimated as reputation. Reputation is a fundamental instrument of social order , based upon distributed, spontaneous social control. Reputation of a man worth  more what money that has, because money today are but tomorrow not, reputation always remaining. A good way to have a good reputation is always to do what you said you do. Always do what you said you do, even if you later changed your mind, or even lose some money. Gained such reputation will make all the money. This will gradually lead to a more mature thinking and speaking of you. A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches … I think what reputation make people much better.

10. Leisure is time for doing something useful
Leisure is the part of our lives that if too much is bad, and if too little is really bad . So all we seek or even try to balance the situation, because it's hard to get all gentleman and as we have our time. As said many people: “ Time is money” here It becomes evident that time precious, and not use for widgets. With help time can do many useful things, for example read a book or you to deal with sports. Many of us spend time sleeping every day, which is something less good, therefore time is for doing something useful. All people have to have a tome for leisure after their work or shool day. People in different ways. Children their leisure they spend in games and discovery new interesting thing for they, but for the adults leisure is a time for something useful. Nowdays  more  and more activities in which we can take part in our spare time are appearing, as a result of the wide spread of the technology.

11. A heart that loves is always young.
Love is an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment. Love is also a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection .

12. Your time, energy, relationship, and finances are you most valuable assets. Handling them wisely enhances your ability to succed
Energy, relationship and finance have a high value in our lives. Handling them wisely enhance your ability to succeed in many different solution. Many of us handling this values for some good. Evaluates  how you spend your time and learn to invest  and spend your time and learn to invest and spend  your most valuable asset in meaningful and productive actions. If you spend your time rational things will get better. Relationships with others is one of the important goods in life. Your success depend of your ability to control your live.

13. The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives
Its important to choose words carefully and wisely, to listen to yourself , to be clear and concise, to be aware of what you say, and to show respect for listener. One of the important way of communicate with others is to speak calm without offending others. For a good communication with others is needed attention to facial expression, hand gestures, and eye contact. Awareness of how we are communicating is vital to our careers, therefore how you talk with our depend and your careers , therefore how you talk with our depend and your career an your live. For every of us need a new way of communicate, because people are different for listening. Working to change how you communicate with different people can take time and a lot of patience, but the end result is rewarding.

14. Good manners are not natural and have to be taught
Good manners are a set of behaviors which mark someone as a civilized and cultural member of a society. In today’s society manners to learn from tv and movie. Each of us need to know which are good and which is a bad manners. Good manners are not natural and have to be taught of childhood. Manners ca be taught in a big family but and school play a big role to learned a good manners. If you learn a good manners you a gentleman for others, and you get respect. Good manners go a long way in most societies. Mannerly people are more likely  to get ahead in the world of business, and they also find themselves more commonly invited as guests and welcomed in society. Life is a teacher of manners for all years. Good manners are extremely important in life, in school and the workplace. Without manners people in this world would be unable to communicate between anyone. Manners should be instilled in a child at an early age so that when they grow it will be natural, and not a problem.

28. One is rich when he has friend
"A friend in need is". A real friend is one who, if necessary, help you, is what remains when all around you leave you in short is a wealth. If a measure of wealth is how many friends you have, and I believe it is, we are among the world's richest people. A good friend knows how to take care of you, your absence will be completed by the excess of what is his is yours. A good friend will give you hope, a good friend will make you strong, a good friend will help you see the sun hiding behind the dark clouds, a good friend will motivate you to go away when you do not and you may not want, when you sleep he will watch over you, when you're on the road will appear, you will protect, this is your true wealth. Each of us who have a good friend is one of the richest in the world, because friendship is more that money. A good word I think it has moral value of a treasure for the human soul, but unfortunately do not know how to appreciate all this, comes a friend is your true wealth
27. “Work keeps us from three great evils: boredom, vice and need”
Work is that occupation that keeps us away from certain vices and boredom. Once you start to work your mind is preoccupied and does not have time to think it over and something else. Often hear that the work saved mankind, so a lot of people call service employees and works every day. For most work is a source of existence, for others it is a pleasure, an occupation that you avoid the monotony and makes your life more interesting. What is better and desirable, to be tired and to regain energy after a day of work or to be tired and regain your energy after a day of boredom? Oh, yes! And boredom tired man, is even more tiring than the work itself, because you out of that period which I mentioned earlier. Only regain that energy, that training, you fofileşti and you find it difficult to come back. Boredom is harmful, somewhat destructive. Or, to not be so hard, boredom leads to such excess cases. Work saves us from boredom and other vices.

26. Nothing in this world is impossible to a willing heart.
Abraham Lincoln's words, ”Nothing in this world is impossible to a willing heart” has been around for decades and has inspired countless souls. What your heart wants you can not stop, can not hide, therefore the heart comes often winning. Feelings can be hidden in appearance can be deceptive acts, but his heart will always look like they are. For man there are some obstacles that prevent you to do something, but the heart is that stimulus that causes him to finish what he started. Everything went to the end is due to them. When they see a girl you do not like on the outside want to get away from it, but already it is not possible because it allows dignity to do this, the heart already understands what is hiding the girl and only wants it. Nobody can stop to think of it, and always see it getting me beautiful.

25. If you could go back to some time and place in the past , when and were would you go? why? What famous person would you like to meet? What questions would you like to ask him?
If I could go in the past I'd like to meet him on Stefan cel Mare. first question I would address would be: How did you manage to win so many battles with the Turks? that was your war tactics? Once I got past I want to see beautiful landscapes that will stretch in Moldova, and see how legends are born. I chose the Stefan cel Mare because he was a strong man, brave and full of strength that saved our nation from the war, he was the man who gave the name of this region. Sword would be something wonderful for me because it is the weapon that saved thousands of people and that's always been handy. If such a war again, when you have in the past, I would go with the soldiers to fight to see real tactics and men who see in each. An unpleasant souvenir Ever since the would be a picture of Stefan cel Mare. Each of us would like to leave at that time in which our nation was formed. Fantasies are good, but I think I'll ever get there!

24. What you do to improve the world? Think of actions you could take to help make the world a better place.
To improve the world need good things made ​​by humans. Some of them are: be happy, love courageously, read a book, Play like a child, Tell the truth, love. Books provide a huge kick to our imagination, boost for ability to dream and often also knowledge to make those dreams come true. Books are those objects which by themselves could change the whole world. Their content increases imagination and makes people more aware of what they do. Love is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe. It can transform lives, it can work miracles. This is the single, most important thing you can do to bring the world closer to perfection (hope you see me winking). It's simple logic - if every inhabitant of the Earth takes care to stay happy, than the whole world will be happy! This things is one of the important action which improve the world. Are some simple things but hardly fulfilled.

22. Health is like a song ; your body is the tone, your mind is the lyric, your heart is the beat, your spirit is the melody, and they all must be played in perfect harmony"
A rock band cannot be famous, if  its members do not feel the team spirit and the harmony produced by all the instruments played in the band. Inside us, people, lives the same band, which waits to be fed both physically and morally.  These band members are always keeping themselves closely tied-hands. If one of them weakens the strait, the others become weaker. These figures are known as: Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit, together forming the band Health. Each of them must be on duty 24 out of 24 hours a day: Mind deals with the lyrics, Body is the tone, Heart is the beat and Spirit is the melody of the song.  As any group needs a leader, so in this case, the leader of the band is none other than the Man. He has everything in his hands. How well he feeds his inner world, what kind of thoughts does he implant in himself – all depends upon him.
21. Money is good for nothing unless you know the value of it by experience
     People usually don’t think too much about the meaning of money. The only idea and concern is to make more than they usually have. Of course having money is a good thing because they give us the possibility to satisfy our needs and desires. People work a lot to earn as much as possible, but when it comes to spending their money they don’t usually think too much, the waste it buying expensive cars, eating out or buying expensive things just for being in fashion. Yet, money has a certain feature “to come” easier to those who treat it well. Money tends to go to those who can use it in the most productive way to produce useful services and valuable goods and who has the ability to invest the in a profitable economical field. At the same time money uses to flow away from those who don’t have the habit to use them in a profitable way.
      I think everyone should learn to save money and to invest it in order to gain more. If we know the value of money we can easily manage it. It becomes a habit that leads to a successful life and career.
      The more effective period for learning the value of money is childhood because children usually don’t value money because they don’t know how much effort their parents put in their work in order to earn a certain some of money. Thus, parents are responsible for showing the real value of money when their kids are still small, than it will be much easier for them to value money without being even told about this. 

20. Instruction ends in the school-room but education ends only with life
Education instruction does not end in the class room. Many schools are using collaboration between topics. Extra curricluar activities also teach the students on and off the field, out of the gym and during competitions. Instruction is happening on the internet, through everyday events. You will continue to learn throughout your life - it is a life long process. As a matter of fact, you are learning now and you may not even be aware of it. 

21. The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge
In my view, the good life is inspired by desire, guided by love, and facilitated (enabled) by knowledge. Russell states that the good life is inspired by love.And, to a considerable extent, it is.Our love for our mate and our children is a major aspect of human existence.But, as human beings, with high intelligence and a wide range of emotions, love for family members is but one of many other significant aspects of existence. “Love at its fullest is an indissoluble combination of the two elements, delight and well-wishing.The pleasure of a parent in a beautiful and successful child combines both elements; so does sex love at its best.But in sex love, benevolence will only exist where there is secure possession, since otherwise jealousy will destroy it, while perhaps actually increasing the delight in contemplation.Delight without well-wishing may be cruel; well-wishing without delight easily tends to become cold and a little superior.


20. Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.

Have you ever noticed that successful people who have their lives in order are also more active, involved, and generous with charity, church, and volunteer organizations? They find time to make giving a top priority in their lives. The fact is your success is an outcome of how much you do for others. Your deeds have lasting impact, not your stuff, power, position or busy schedule. Successful people make more time to serve others. Becoming a success is directly proportional to what you give. It’s a fine line—some people give to get—but that won’t work for most.

16. A Day to Celebrate Earth

Earth Day is the largest, most widely celebrated international environmental event. Earth Day helps celebrate Earth’s unique place in the universe. It is the only planet in our solar system teeming with incredible biodiversity. Learning about and protecting this biodiversity is what Earth Day is all about. People all over the world celebrate our efforts to protect plants and animals and to clean up the world we live in. Most people celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd each year. In some countries, it is celebrated a month earlier on the vernal equinox.
How would  you describe your country or region and the people who live there?(testul 2)
My native place it is Lozova. It was foundated in 1420, and it has a long and interesting legend. It is said that the people who came  here were peasant and they practicated wickerwork, from here and it name. Lozova is surrounding by forest.It is bordered with a natural reservation, Rezervatia Codrii. The people  from here are 7 thousands in number. Are hardworking and they are activing in many domenians like industrial, economical, cultural. The village has a church and at every holiday people go to it.lozova is a beautiful village and I love it.

The internet has forever changed the way we live(testul 2)
Sience when Nostradamus was alive, he predict, that the world will change dramatically, when the earth will be surrounding by a web. Nowadays his prediction become thrue. Our lives  are influential by internet. It changed the way we live. Not very long time ago, we didn’t drimed to hear other person from  another continent, through telephone, but today we can see her, and this is possible thanks to socialization cityes. Another benefit which internet brings with it, is the acces at information, a lot of information. Every day, every night, at any  time we just must to make a  click on mouse and the whishes information is in front of us. Through the internet we can make new friends, we can spread our relation with people and can pass over  the physical barrier which stop us in really life to communicate with them.   

Speak about one of the holidays celebrated in Great Britain/Moldova/the USA in greater details.(testul 3)
Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated in USA on the fourth  Thursday of November, and often extends to the weekend that falts closet to  it. The  modern Thanksgiving holiday tradition traces its origins to a 1621 celebration at ply month in present day Massachussets. In the USA Thanksgiving parades are held, during which school marching bands and ussaly have different floats. Traditional Thanksgiving dishes are stuffed turkey rosted, smoked or roasted, ham, mashed potatoes,sweet potatoes, corn and pumpkin pie. In an annual celebration of one day, which thanks traditionally to God for the rich harwest that year.

There is  nothing in our lives that is not touched by language.(testul 3)
Since from the old times, the men felt the need  to fit in a group, a family , society. This evolution brings with her the communication. At the beginning wewrw just some signs, mimicries and sounds. Nowadays the men have reached a high  level,  and in every day, in every second he uses the words. Our lives are impossible witouth communication, without languag. Everything in our lives is touched by language. We need it in family, at school, at service, in bus, on the street, at the shop, evrywherea. The brain had evolve very much. A men who learned a language from when he was a baby, at the maturite he can to talk another one, or maybe two, three, four,  and he can talk with other people in a foreign language for him. In conclusion, every  felling, desire, think which we have, it is impossible to express without language. Without it  the world would be pauper.
Do you think it is dangerous to judge about a nation by existing stereotypes? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.(testul 4)
Negative stereotypes are a schematic idea of someone. Usually they are formed when people are required it wrong. Audiovisual media often tell us, for example  that  gypsies stole him on such and such.  Did they stel gupsies, but only a person  of Roma? Or we camunicated, Romanians in Ukraine leading cigarettes. Are all the people Romanian trafficked cigarettes , or border was retained only a Romanian citizen? Similarly, in the mainds of many were roote negatve stereotypes and that Jews are smart, Russians-drunks, Ukranians-stingy, Lituanians very slowe, Georgians –aggressive. In the middle  of every nation there are people smart, drunken, greedy, aggressive. Nationality not determine these traits or specific  human behavior, but education, some psychological traits we should not make a wrong picture well that there is no bushwood forest.

Happiness is a value worth pursuing.(testul 4)
Happiness is a value that comes and goes like wind. Happiness comes from the small things, from a smiley, from a flower, from a laugh of baby, from a shine of sun. It is a felling that make you to fell good, makes you to fell that exist something for which is worth to live. Not everytime we are in a good way, sometimes we don’t fell good with ourself, without all that we have money, cars, houses and everything we  want. All these things do not have anything in common with soul and with its pleasure. The soul needs spiritual foodlike love, honestly, hormony, a good atmosphere. Without happiness our souls become poor and our whish for life disappears. Happiness is ecentialy for a  good life, a life without feelings by happiness is a pauper one, it is worth pursuing.

Choose  one of the characters you  remember well from your favourite  book.(testul 5)
One of my favourite books  is “Baltagul”, written by Mihail Sadoveanu. It is an interesting nuvela, where the principal character is a women, whos name is Vitoria Lipan. She is a strong  women, a lovely wife and a carefull mother, and is a very good detective. Is skillful and hardworking . She conquer through her beauty and frame’s charm. She is not youth more, because she is fourteen but she has a rare beauty in the glance. With all these is a superstitions person, bealiving in signs and dreams. She is a representative figure by popular hero, involving  all fundamental qualities of a simple men from village, characterized by culture for the thruth and rightness,  observing the traditional laws and castumary.
People are often effected by their success and fame.(testul 5)
Happiness is a value which run through life hand in hand with peace and silence. Some people such stars, singers,  actories , do not have and don’t happy so much by these things. Simple people are surrounding more time  by dear person, receiving a lot of love and spiritual warness. They have a lot of time to offer their affection and care whom they love. Nowadays success. Fame and carier goals are on the first place for many people. All these take a big part from our free time, the time which we should spend how we want. We are more interesd in ours success estranging by family, by friends. In some moments like these  we don’t understand that we lose their love, friendship, thrust and respect, and at once we rouse alone face to face just with our fame.How much we want success wouldn’t keep us warm and  wouldn’t give its love. These are people affected by fame, they only refuse relationships going to loneliness.

Can you name any place in Great Britain which is internationally known? What is noted  for?(testul 6)
British Museum is one of the oldest and most important museums in the world, holding statues of pharaohs, deities and ancient Egypt, mummies, mummified cats, considered deities, the priests Egyptian mummies of noble, princes and princesses.  There are few places where one can admire the many treasures of all time under one roof. Today British Museum houses no less than six and half million art objects and has 94 permanent and temporary exhibitions. To visit the British Museum visitors should reserve plenty of time to holiday in London, because the museum houses many treasures. Perhaps the best thing would be to consider several visits to see every exhibit at length.

The future role of technology in the world . Write about advantages and disadvantages.(testul6)
Tehnology is all the methods, processes, operations made or applied to raw materials and data for any particular industrial or commercial product. Today through technology means everything about robots, computers, software, and other wonders of the 21st century. Great advantages that it give to us is that we should not spend more time doing things. Simple example, we don’t need few days or a week to receive a letter, a simply click is enough to receive message from someone. All at once here comes a downside, while  the world is making progress, a lot of people remain lighthouse workstations. Technology requires only those who understand it, and ordinary people remain behind it. In conclusion we can say that technology is the big step of evolution and a great advantage for people, if we don’t take into consideration  the disadvantages.

Different country have reputation for being good at different sports. Think of some exmples.
For example Brazil it is good at football, USA axcel at rugby, baseball and basketball, Canada-at hokey. Our country , Moldova, has  some champions at weightlifting. This year Moldova took three medals at European Championship. Oleg Sirgi is the new European  weightlifting champion. Moldovan athlete won  the title having raised a total of 262 kilograms category to 56 kg. But the reputation of the countries is due primarly to climatic condition. In a country where winter prevails, will practice winter sports and where the prevailing climate is warm, will be practiced  summer sports.

Describe some things which are associated with the Scots. (testul8)
Scotland are a nation or a ethnic group native to Scotland. And as every nation it has its traditions, customs and its personal culture. Scottish national dress is the kilt, a wrap around of four yards of tartan with box pleats. Men wear the kilt and sporran, tartan hose, jacked  in the hose, jaket and bonnet and a sgian dhubh, trucked in the hose. Saint Andrew’s day is celebrated on the 30th November. The St. Andrew’s Cross became the national flag. The national emblem is Thistle. The use of the word ‘’Scotch’’ referring to all things Scotish was common place out with the country bygone days, however, the modern use of the term describe only Scottish, usually food or drink.

We are using up the earth’s natural resources faster than ever.(testul8)
Natural resources are a natural gift of the environment that we use every day. However we don’t think of the consequences that might follow. We are in the  21st century where everything happens very quickly, and technology is one step ahead of humanity. Natural resources are two classes, finite and infinite, but both, population uses excessively, leading to environmental degradation and desctruction of the planet.

Use your knowledge to present interesting facts about the British Royal Family(testul9)
The British Royal Family is the group of close relatives of the monarch of the United Kingdom. The term is also commonly applied to the same group of people who are , the relations of the monarch in her or his role as sovering of any of the other Commonwealth realms, thus sometimes at variance with official national terms for the family. The head of the royal family is  the Queen Elizabeth II. Her husband is Prince Phillip. They two have a daughter and three sons. One of the famous members is Princess Diana, the wife of Prince Charles, hwo after her death, married again with Duchess Camilla. First two have two sons, Henry and William, who married on 29 April 2011 with Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine.

A good reputation is more valuable then money.(testul9)
Reputation is one of the most important value and is very flexible. You strive to lumps a lifetime, but you can lose in a second. Reputation is the business card of a man. It may indicate social porch, typology ethics, manners, lifestyle, and most importantly dignity and honor which goes by hand with reputation. Money is only part of the material that make the reputation to grow over night, but not necessarily in a good turn. Reputation not win with money, can be poor but with a pure heart and a good thoughts. Money is the magic, now you see it, now you don’t, but reputation is a treasure that no one can take you only if you give it with your own hands. Be a man and not give honor to honor!

What famous people of the USA are you impressed by?(testul10)
Withney Houston was an American recording artist, actress, producer and model. In 2009 the Ginnes World-Records cited her at the most-awarded female act of all-time. Houston was one of the world’s best-selling music artist, having sold aver  170 million albums, singles and videos worldwide. Witheney is the only artist to chart seven consecutive number 1 Billboard Hot 100 hits. She is first acting role was the star of the feature film “The bodyguard”. The film’s original soundtrack won the 1994 Grammy Award for Album of the  Year. Its lead  single “I will always love you”, become the best-selling single by a  female artist in music history. She was, is and will be a true treasure.

Leisure is time for doing something useful(testul10)
All people have to have a time for leisure after their work or school day. People in different ages use their time in different ways. Most spend time with family, go out, walking in the park, to live happy moments and to forget the daily routine. Teenagers hang out with friends at cinema, at concerts, also feeling better. The quietest person who likes to read a book during free up and enriched imagination, or practice sports without anyone to disturb, and a health: benefit’s beings. If we speak about those hwo have too much free time  and do not know what to with it, as an advice I would propose voluntary work, to help the elderly people. Generally everyone has free time, how little would be, and each tries to get involved with something good, not just to get for nothing.

Why do you think the English language is taught in many countries of the world?(teatul11)
English is a west Germanic Language spoken originally in England, And now is the most widely used language in the world. It is spoken as first language by a majority of the inhabitants of several nations, including United kingdom, the USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. English is an official language of the European Union and many Commonwealth  countries, as well as in many world organization. The influence of the British Empire is the main reason for the initial spread of the language for beyond  the British Isles. Following the Second World War, growing economic and cultural influence of the United States has significantly accelerated the spread of this language. Knowledge of English is necessary for employment  in certain fields, jobs or occupations.

A heart that loves is always young(testul11)
Love is  the strongest feeling that it can  reach the heart. Love you can feel it at different ages of life, but youth is specific. Adolescence is the period in which experience first kiss, when butterflies tickling your stomach, and when light eyes does not cease to play. When love is in your heart, all the colors seem brighter and you can hear the angels singing. Happens often those in park submitted elderly couples that walk arm in arm or by the hand. They smile nice one to each other, talk about different think and look tenderness. It is  tenderness of the eyes in a thered of love. Love that carries the soul of one another makes them fell young. It make them hearts beat faster and feelings do not grow old never. Love is the elixir of the youth.

Every nations  has its customs and traditions. How can you explain why people keep up their traditions and practice for centuries?(testul12
Culture of a country consists of customs and traditions. It makes the difference between people. Traditions are the nation’s history and customs its card, without which culture would be poorer. It makes a nation special and help us to maintain contact with ancestors. People keep up their traditions because these reminds them who they really are. Romanian will go in every winter to roam and Americans will eat turkey at each table at Thanksgiving Day. Traditions are we, are the voices from our heart.

What are the main values of the European Union?(testul14)
European Union is an economic and political union, developed in Europe which is composed of 27 states. The main objectives of the Union are: peace and its values, like respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of low and respect, human and minority rights. European Union single market has developed in a standardized and unified lows that apply to all Member States. In the Schengen Area border controls were abolished. Supports EU policies ensure free movement of persons, good services and capital, have been issued laws justice and home affairs and kept common policies on trade, agriculture, fisheries and regional development. It was also established  a  monetary union, euro area currently consists of 17 states.
Good manners aren’t natural and have to be taught.(testul14)
Good manners from an important part of our civilization. We know a man for his manners. They are important for our conduct in society.  Manners are very useful and make us gentlemen. We are called gentlemen when we show good behavior. Good manners make friends  for us, because people like to make  friendships with pleasant and nice people. It is possible  to turn our enemies in our friends. Manners exist everywhere, at school, we should make kind behavior to our classmates, at a general meeting, should behave property, not disturb or interrupt when one is speaking. At an interview we must show better, to give a good impression. Good manners are quite essential for us. So we should try to distinguished between good or bad.

What are the major events of national and social importance which are traditionally celebrated in the USA?(testul15)
USA has a lot of major events of national and social importance. Among them are Independence Day, celebrated on 4 July, Thanksgiving Day celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and often extends to the weekend. An interesting event is Oscar, where a lot of celebrities gather to enjoy the attention from photographers and fans. Am major event of social and national importance is the presidential elections, that took place every four years, and includes all the people think. These are some of the events in the USA, buy there are others equally importance.

Write about the effect of a parent, teacher, or friend on your life.
The role of parent is very and the most important. It should be strong with firm, not by severity or violence, through patience and love. Studies have shown that good parents are that parent who fails to understand and respond appropriately to her child’s need and encourage child autonomy even at young age, showing respect for the individuality of the child. Parents are the first model after that child is structured. The father model or mother model, that will choose child, negative or positive, is a first evidence of how reflected image of parents in children’s consciousness. An important role as it is creating an uplifting family, secure, relaxed, to stimulate the child’s mental. Love and parental care are considered in the literature as important for intellectual development of children of such as vitamins and proteins for physical development. Parents build the education of children, contributing to seven years from home.

What changes in present-day schools would you propose to make them more effective for educating pupils?(testul16)
 For pupils school is like the second home, spending here nearly a half day. From my point of view schools would need by new technologies within hours of chemistry, biology, mathematics, where students could do more experiments. But besides all these, it should be a safe and pleasant place. Students should come at school as at a holiday. Tutor should know the character of each student and of course their problems. He must be careful to make them united and friendly. Also the relationships between principle and pupils should be an open and kind one, and atmosphere, pleasant one, to make student life more interesting and attractive.

Earth day should be every day(testul16)
Every year, April 22 Earth day is celebrated, on the birth of the movement for environmental protection. There are many ways to help conserve and protect our environment. Instead of polluting it, we can do simple everyday practices to help and protect Earth. If everyone contribute a little in our society, the world would become a better place , because that would add up to a large product. In order to get this result we have to take action and this may start as simple as in your  own house. To do so I will write healthy alternatives for customs that are not good for the environment. One easy way we can  conserve daily is by using tap water instead of bottled water. Another way we can help Earth is by reducing  fuel consumption. We can do this by biking or walking instead of using the car. Walking costs no money, but using car, it releases carbon dioxide. The change must start from us, and to transform it in a holiday by every day.

What are the benefits of globalization for the average person? (testul17)
Globalization refers to the increasing global relationships of culture, people and economic activity. This process involves the problems of the most developed country in the world, but it doesn’t exclude the issues of the average people.  Till today globalization has led to six times the GDP growth in the second half of the twentieth century; population growth and life expectancy; improving living standards; reduce infant mortality; improving basic hygiene, and improving internal governance and the emergence of institutions dealing with global problems. But besides all these we can’t deny that globalizations has its disadvantages.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.
Fashion is something we deal in every day. Every people who say  they don’t care what they wear, choose clothes every morning that say a lot about them and how they feel that day. However we definitely get fashion ideas from music clips, videos, books and television. Movies also have a big impact on what people wear. For example it is known that more sunglasses were sold in America after the movie Man in Black.

Many British museums and galleries are real treasure-houses of unique works of art. Which are the best known? What collection do they contain?
Great Britain is a big country with a lot of beautiful places and tourist destination.  It has many palaces, theatres and museums. British Museum is one of the oldest and most important museums in the world, holding statues of pharaohs, deities and ancient Egypt, mummies, mummified cats, considered deities, the priests Egyptian mummies of nobles, princes and princesses. There are few places where one can admire the many treasures of all time under one roof. Today, British Museum houses no less than six and half million art objects and has 94 permanent and temporary exhibitions. To visit the British Museum, visitors should reserve plenty of time to holiday in London, because the museum houses many treasures. Perhaps the best thing would be to consider several visits to see every exhibit at length.

What components does culture consists of?  Provide examples.(testul18)
Culture refers to the social heritage of a nation. It is composed of nonmaterial culture-abstract creations like values, beliefs, symbols, customs, traditions, and material culture-physical objects like clay pats, computers, coins, football helmets.  Symbols assume many forms, including spoken and written words, gestures. Language is perhaps our most distinctive and complex achievement as human beings. It permits us to transmit practices from one generation to the next. Norms are social rules or guidelines that specify the behavior. It includes folkway and mores. Folkways are the customary and habitual ways by which the members of a group do things. Mores are vital to society’s well-being and survival. Laws are rules that are enforced by a political body, which result of conscious thought, deliberate planning and formal declaration. Culture could not exist without people, and people could not exist without culture.

Name some environmental problems and give some solutions to them. Testul20
The environment is our home. Here we are born, grow-up and here we die. Our health depend on its health. Nowadays technologies lead to destructions. The environment facing with greenhouse effect, global warming is causing the Earth to lose its snow cover, with ozone depletion, without the ozone layer, everyone would be susceptible to a number of skin diseases, including skin cancer. The acid rains are also an issue facing the planet. It cause stone, rocks, steel, metal to erode and paint to peel off. We would be care because the natural resources are limited, and after us are coming and other generations. And not the lost should be careful with the technologies, because it has advantages and disadvantages.

Millions of people wish there were more peace and harmony in the world. How can they achieved?testul21.
In my opinion, people should be more kind, patient and sociable. People should learn to communicate with other and avoid conflict. Peace is not just for hippie. Living in peace is about living in harmoniously with yourself, others, and all sentiment beings around you. People can achieved harmony if they will try to speak to love, not to control others, to mode they will reflect before some events. Also is important to seek forgiveness, not revenge, to find inner place, to live in joy, to be the change you wish saw in the world. Staring with you, trying to make peace with yourself and harmony will full you heart and soul.
Write about what democracy means to you.teatul22
Democracy is a system of governance characterized by citizen participation in the management process. Basic principles of democracy are universal suffrage and sovereignty of the nation. The essence of modern democracy involves human rights, multiparty, limitation and separation of powers. Democracy is not need to exist, it must be felt. Democracy is then when you have an opinion and you are not afraid to express, when in society dominate the peace and you are not afraid to walk on street. Democracy is then when the national symbols are recognized by all people and when the political parties respect their ideologies. Democracy provides the weakest of us the same opportunities as yours most powerful. Democracy makes us equal.
Education is an indivisible part of the prosperity of the nation…testul23
Education is simply defined as a process by which people acquire knowledge, skills, habits, values, or attitudes. Education is acting significantly in eradicating poverty in a nation. There are many factors leading to poverty, but the major ones are unemployment, poor health and domestic violence, which generally seem are rooted from low level of education. These people don’t contribute at development of country, but rather slow it and drives country to poverty. The fact that more and more people are known legible and skillful attracts more job opportunity and accelerates income for people. Furthermore, when people are educated, their health, accordingly is also improved because they know how to keep themselves healthy and how to raise their children, who will be a part of a thrifty country.

What would you do to improve the world…testul24
There are many ways in which you can make our planet a better place. Every tiny bit helps.
Every step matters. You can do it in two ways, on the inner and outer things. First should to appreciate the Earth. It is our only home. Do not squeeze out of it all resources, because we will need them for a long time. But I would try to change the world in another way. I try to do to escape the daily routine and to get them to enjoy life. The world will be a better place if the people will be more happily. For that everyone should pursue his dreams, should be patient with others and with hisselfe, could smile at strangers, and they will give the smile back, and the day which semmed cloudy in the morning will get a light beam. Will be fine if we will put our heart into everything we do, we will love courageously, if we will tell the truth every time. This is a better world, without lie, lazy and sad faces. Be free, be fearless, be happy, that is what it is all about.

Write about the national symbols of the  USA.
The USA is one of the big powers in the world. It has a rich history with a strong base. Along the years it adopted a lot of creations, transforming it in national symbols. Some of the most popular are the stars and stripes, the USA flag, the Great Seal of the USA, the bad Eagle, their national birds, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the USA Capital, the white House, the Statue of Liberty and other.  The last is situated in Ney York and send welcome greetings, it is a gift from France. The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the USA, built in 1792. All symbols related to their culture traditions and customs, and not least is due to history.

How do changes in society influence people’s culture? What can down or speed up cultural development?testul25
Cultural factors influence social changes. There is an intimate relationships between society and culture. Hence cultural changes involve social change. All these changes depend on values of society, on attitudes population, ideologies of any field, and others. For example if it is organized a rally to support two political parties, of course there will be two categories of supporters, and between they will appear misunderstanding, will say bad words, pushed one another. Such stage shows lower degree of culture. If in city is announcing a theatre coming from aboard, and people in a pleasant way will be interested to be present to conduct, would be about raising the level of culture. Any social event influences the culture of the people, but we should to strive to prevail to an increase.

If you could go back to some time and place in the past, when and where would you go?testul25
I always was interested in Hitler’s personality, a hard men, without heart, which caused a huge pain in soul of many people. I would like to go back in time of the Second World War, although it sounds scary I want to see with my eyes that underwent tortures men, women, children. If I had the opportunity to sit face to face with Hitler, first question that I would ask it would be if he afraid to death. I’d be curious to find out things about his childhood, about the dreams he had when he was young. It would be interesting to know if such a men ever imagined how will die or read old will then. I would not resist outside to ask him if he ever regretted the pain that has caused millions of people and, if he ever put in place an innocent man who feels the bullet holes in his body. It would be scary, but also amazing.

There are many impressive and valuable historical places in your country. Give interesting details about some you have visited.
Moldova is a beautiful country with a lot of tourist destination. Among them you can meet natural reserves, historic monuments, monasteries, and other interesting places. Fortress Soroca is in the middle of Soroca’s city. It was built in command of Stefan cel Mare. Here you can visit also the monument Luminarea Recunostintei. At the Eastern Republic, on the right bank of the Dnister River is located monastery Sfinta treime din Saharna. It is surrounded by rocky hills. There is also an important archaeological resort, with remains from the Iron Age and a Dacian fortress promotoriu. Tipova Monastery is considered one of the largest in Europe. It is built on top of the steep cliffs, opeaning a charming view of the river Dnister. It is said that Orpheus from Greek mythology spent his last years of life. I think that these places worth to be visited and most important to take care of them, because it are a really national treasure.

Nothing in this world is impossible for a willing heart.testul26
Life is like a long way, both the ups  with the downs as well. Not always in front of us is waiting good weather and joy. Sometimes we meet with a strong wind and sadness. There are times when life is not like we want to be. Sometimes we give up hopeless .But we should know that the first ingredient of success is desire and nothing is impossible for willing heart. Everything that comes from the soul, from deep heart is pure, powerful and nothing can oppose to good. Strong feelings move mountains and make any wish to become thru. A heart that knows what it wants is a strong one, which spreads over all difficulties and open all doors closed, and achieves its goal. I think that phrase “I can’t, doesn’t exist, I don’t want, exist”, there is real and all we need is faith and desire.

Work keeps us from three great evils: boredom, vice and need..testul27
Work you up and ruin you laziness, or labor is gold bracelet. These are wise words of elders. Since ancient times, works was the main factor that contributed to human evolution. Nowadays work is indispensable to our lives. For the vast majority of it is a source of existence, for others it is an escape from the real world. Work is also beneficial refuge. It keeps you busy all the bad things, you thoughts heading for something good. It occur involuntarily by boredom, vice and need. When you are working you mind is focused on the result you will get, and all evils are far away from. It is important to remember that through working man is glorified.

Write about the national symbols of the UK. testul 27
UK of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland consist of four traditional country: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and several territories. The national symbols of England are the flag St. George’s Cross, the red rose, and the three lions crest. The national symbols of Scotland are the flag St. Andrew’s Cross, and the national flower is thistle. The flag of Wales incorporates the red dragon, along with the Tudor colors of green and white. The daffodil is the national flower of wales. British flag is the flag of Kingdom, known as the union Jack. The national anthem is “God save the Queen”. Britain is symbolized a young women with black hair or blond, wearing a Corinthian helmet and white robes.
One is rich when he\she has frends.testul28
It is said that friendship is golden bracelet, and that one friend do more than one hundred money, and it is true. We are rich when we have friends, when we are surrounding by people who love us and who are ready to help us when we are in trouble. Material stuff like jewel, houses, cars, sackes with money are beautiful thinks which we all want it but these stuffs can’t to soothe our soul, but a good friend can make us to smiley, seeing a good world. The true friends are near us at good and at bad, at trouble and at happiness, and they encourage us when we need. This is the most important and is more important than fortunes. Friendship is a saintly treasure.

Testul 13
There it is power in the spoken word. But most of us aren’t aware of what we say, how we say it and how it affects every aspect of our lives. Too often we get into bad habits and say whatever pops into our heads without thinking. Good communicators are aware of what they say, how they say it and how they listen. Sometimes we realized the intelligence of a person by way talks. It is included and that sometimes words that we said without thinking too much, we wanted to say, and appear regrets, sorrows , in some cases depression. These influence out health.

Write about the national symbols of the Republic of Moldova.test23
 The national symbols of the Republic of Moldova are the flag, emblem and anthem.  State flag is a tricolor, flag with three colors. Blue symbolized hope, yellow means wealth and red remind us of the blood shed for freedom, Emblem is a shield with bull head. Between his horns is an eight-pointed star. In the left side of flag , if steam facing him, is a pink the sun and the right-mouth, magi-new. Shield is the chest eagle. The poetry “Limba Noastra” written by Alexei Mateevici, put on music by composer Alexandru Cristea, was approved as the national anthem of the Republic of Moldova.

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